Wookie Hired Gun - Marauder


Cause – Overthrow the Empire:

Responsibiliy – Wookie: Goes out of his way to help fellow Wookies in need


Until he was about 13 he lived a typical Wookie life, except he was being groomed to one day lead or help lead the Wookies. Then along came the Empire to enslave most of his race. He escaped with the assistance of (unknown to him) ex-Jedi. They took him to a secret base (jedi conclave, but he didn’t know it nor does he know where it is located) where he was taught the art of war and how to fight back to help his people and take down the Enpire. He does not know why he was saved by the two men who helped him and they would not answer his questions about it directly except for to say “you will help restore balance.”

On a mission to Tattoine to find someone he got separated from his allies and ended up getting captured by Teemo who had no use for him except as a slave who mostly got used in the arena and for any missions that required only brute strength. He quickly learned that he could make a living with his skills in combat and now that he’s free has for now embraced that career.

He knows enough to know he needs credits and or contacts to get things moving to bring down the Empire and help his people. And he knows his skill in combat won’t be enough alone. So he searches for ways to fight back and help his people.


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