Human Smuggler - Pilot/Force Exile


Expertise – Force: Understanding how the Force interacts with the physical world

10 Blackmail: Teemo the Hutt knowledge about being force sensitive


Vivavian was born into slavery to Teemo the Hutt. Early on, he showed a keen understanding of piloting, and spent the majority of his life on starships. During one of their smuggling missions, the ship he was on was attacked by a rival smuggler and hijacked. The surviving crew members were taken to an outer rim slave market, and while there Viavavian was bought by a Cathar named Andross, who lived on the planet.

Andross revealed to Vivavian that he had been a Jedi Padawan before Order 66, and had gone into hiding to continue force traning in secret. He had sensed another force sensitive person in the slave market which is why he purchased Vivavian. Andross offered to teach Vivavian the ways of the force.

Vivanvian spent several years with Andross developing his force ability. He became fascinated with how the force interacted with the physical world. Eventually Teemo’s men tracked down the slave market where Vivavian had been sold, and discovered where he and Andross had been living. During a night raid Vivavian was captured by Teemo’s bounty hunters, and Andross was killed.

Vivavian was returned to Teemo’s palace, where he attempted to used his fledgling force powers to escape. While he managed to inflict significant damage to his cell and loss to Teemo’s security forces, his attempt ultimately ended in failure, and Teemo gained the knowledge of his hidden powers. Since alerting the Imperials of his force sensitive nature would mean certain death, Teemo used this knowledge to blackmail Vivavian into his employ.

Vivavian spent the next few years piloting Teemo’s ships, and doing whatever other dirty work Teemo could scheme up for a force sensitive, until he met up with a few like-minded individuals, and managed a daring escape from Mos Shuuta


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