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March 24, 2013:

The adventure continued with the heroes lifting off from Landing Bay Aurek, only to be attacked by four Imperial TIE Fighters as they left the planet. They managed to destroy one before the newly installed HMRI came online and they jumped to hyperspace. There was no time to celebrate, however, as it became rapidly apparent there were issues on board the ship that needed to be dealt with. From a mysterious smell, to a low fuel alarm, and even a Twi’lek prisoner named B’uan B’an. He claimed he was from Ryloth and that he was part of a resistance fighting against thugs working for various criminal factions, including Teemo the Hutt. The heroes agreed to return him to a town called Nabat, where he had friends who could help them.

After a several hour trip at lightspeed, the heroes dropped out of hyperspace only to be attacked by a bounty hunter’s ship, most likely drawn to them by the transponder they had discovered broadcasting their location back to Tatooine. After a short fight, the bounty hunter’s ship was last seen on a crash course towards the planet. The heroes proceeded to land on a docking platform in Nabat, where B’uan led them to the hideout of the resistance. There they met the leader of the resistance in Nabat, another Twi’lek named Nyn Kablo, who after thanking them for their help, asked if they could escort B’uan to the Ryll Mines.

After spending a day in the Nabat market, buying new equipment and stocking up on supplies, the heroes left early the next morning in a speed with B’uan, headed towards New Meen. On the way to the mines, while passing a nearby bluff rising out of the desert, the speeder suddenly crashed, and the occupants were thrown to the ground. They quickly realized this was an ambush, as a voice called out from behind a rock to drop their weapons. Dashing for cover, the heroes began a shootout with the bounty hunters that had tracked them down, including Trex, the former captain of the Krayt Fang, who was still recovering from his wounds. After the brief shootout, where several of the bounty hunters were killed, the remainder fled into a nearby cave. After a short rest and assessing the situation, the heroes decided to persue their ambushers into the cave.

Using a pair of optics to help see through the dark of the cave, the heroes made their way past several forks, and various rooms, until they encounter the remaining bounty hunters. Another battle began, but almost as soon as it had started, an enormous Lylek burst out behind a nearby rock pile and dragged one of the bounty hunters back its nest. Moments later the final bounty hunter charged off to rescue his friend, and was never heard from again. The heroes finished exploring the cave, and discovered the bounty hunters makeshift camp, along with their speeder.

Using the new, un-wrecked speeder, the heroes managed to finally arrive at New Meen, a small settlement built around a nearby mine…

Feb 23, 2013:

The adventure began in a small city on the planet of Tatooine, Mos Shuuta, controlled by notorious crime lord Teemo the Hutt. The heroes find themselves being chased by Teemo’s goons, and ducked into a local cantina to hide. After a brief encounter with a few Gamorrean thugs, the bartender, a devilish looking Devaronian, mentioned a freighter had landed recently in town at Landing Bay Aurek, captained by one of Teemo’s henchmen, a Trandoshan named Trex. He then promptly kicked the heroes out of his bar.

The heroes decided their best bet to escaping Mos Shuuta was to steal the freighter, the Krayt Fang, from Teemo’s henchmen. The first step would be acquiring a new hypermater reactor igniter (HMRI) from the local junk shop. Upon arriving at the junk shop the heroes encountered a hunched old human named Vorn, the proprietor of the shop, along with his R5 droid R5-K3. After some careful negotiating Vorn agreed to part with the HMRI for the reasonable price of 600 credits.

The next step to stealing the Krayt Fang would be to disengage the docking clamps. The heroes successfully determined this would be accomplished at Mos Shuuta’s Spaceport Control building. Upon arriving at the building, however, they noticed several security droids guarding the enterance, and checking the security badges of anyone who entered. A careful search of the building revealed an unguarded side entrance, with a less than adequate locking mechanism. Once inside the players managed to sneak over to one of the many consoles in the control room, without attracting the attention of the security droids, or Overseer Brynn, the human woman who appeared to be in charge. The heroes accessed the console and successfully disengaged the docking clamps, while skillfully avoiding triggering the silent alarm. They proceeded to exit the Control Building the same way they came in.

With the HMRI in hand, and the docking clamps released, the time had come for the heroes to make their escape. However, on their way to Landing Bay Aurek they were attacked by several squads of Imperial Stormtroopers. While much more challenging than previous encounters, the heroes managed to deal with the Stormtroopers before continuing to the landing bay, where they once again bypassed the security droids at the entrance by sneaking through a locked side door. Once inside the heroes attempted to sneak aboard the ship, only to be spotted by the security droids guarding the ramp. A fight broke out, attracting the attention of Trex, who was aboard his ship, but the heroes managed to defeat him and his droids, successfully taking control of the Krayt Fang!

The adventure ended with the heroes attempting to power up the ship to escape, before more of Teemo’s thugs arrived to stop them…

Adventure Log Archive

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