Background and Lore

This campaign takes place towards the end of episode V.

The Empire was heavily damaged after losing the Death Star. Their pursuit of The Rebels led them to the ice planet Hoth, where their sudden and swift assault scattered The Rebels to the wind, and forced them to regroup at their final base on Yavin IV.

With Corescant in the hands of The Empire, most of the core worlds are firmly in their grasp. The republic senate was disbanded, leaving many core worlds under direct control of Imperial governors or their agents, however their ability to maintain law and order on many worlds is tenuous at best.

Throughout the galaxy crime-lords and local political and military leaders take advantage of the power vacuum to increase their personal wealth and power. The scene on most fringe worlds is the same, lawless and chaotic. The peoples of these scattered worlds have little hope as they scavenge and struggle to survive on a daily basis.

Background and Lore

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