Mos Shuuta

Mos Shuuta is a small town built on a bluff located on the desert world of Tatooine. While it has no offical government, since the recent defeat of the Empire, the local crime lord Teemo the Hutt has taken advantage of the power vacuum by declaring himself in charge.

The town is big enough to have 2 landing bays, along with various standard commercial buildings you’d find in similar towns dotting the planet, including a cantina, a junk shop, a dewback pen, and a spaceport control center. Teemo’s palace dominates the western side of the city, along with various outbuildings, such as barracks for his army of henchmen.

Locations of note

Teemo’s Palace
Mos Shuuta Cantina
Mos Shuuta Junk Shop
Landing Bay Aurek
Mos Shuuta Spaceport Control Center

Mos Shuuta

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