Star Wars - The Fringe Worlds

Jabba's Revenge
Trading an old debt for a new

The heroes finally met up with their host, Jabba the Hutt, only to discover that while he was grateful for their assistance in getting rid of his cousin, Teemo the Hutt owed Jabba a great deal of money, and that debt was now transferred to the heroes. However Jabba was generous enough to offer them employment, a way to work off their debt, as long as they were able to pass a few tests.

Jabba’s agent, T3-R7, proceeded to administer several tests to the heroes. The task of Winning a duel went to Lo’Hireck. Second was a test of agility and accuracy, and when Koobis stepped forward to attempt it, he was promptly dropped into the Rancor pit. After barely managing to survive, his wounds were successfully treated by Ingrid. T3 then approached Bulk Starhauler with a test of his slicing ability, instructing him to plant certain data files on a government system. The final test was successfully interrogating a prisoner, an Imperial Colonel who’d been abducted by Jabba’s thugs, about the whereabouts of unspecified data, which Ibsid and Vivavian managed to accomplish.

Upon completion of the tests, the heroes were offered a job by Jabba, one that they had unknowingly began already through some of the challenges they had faced. Tatooine was about to celebrate the Two Suns Festival, two days of contests and celebration in the capitol city of Bestine. Their invitations to the festival had already been arranged, and their goal was to acquire some sensitive data from an Imperial Admiral, who would be attending the festival. The heroes set out for the city of Bestine, and upon arrival managed to gain entry into the heavily guarded city the night before the festival. They spent that evening setting up their plan to abduct the admiral and acquire the data, but only tomorrow would tell if their plan is successful…

The Story So Far...

On the small desert planet of Tatooine lies the town of Mos Shuuta. A local crime lord known as Teemo the Hutt ruled the town with an iron fist. Most of the town’s inhabitants were either in his debt or employ. Those who defied him in the past were dealt with swiftly and mercilessly, earning Teemo a reputation as a ruthless businessman. That is until a small group of fringers who were all indebted to Teemo in some for or another banded together and managed to escape his grap. While this alone was enough for Teemo to seek revenge, their following actions disrupted the Hutt’s schemes on various planets, and drew his ire to the tune of an extremely high bounty. Faced with the prospect of being hunted across the galaxy by every hired gun and bounty hunter in the quadrant, the group of fringers decided to band together and resolve their Teemo problem once and for all. In a valiant yet ill-conceived effort, the group managed to bypass Teemo’s private army, sneak into his palace, and defeated the Hutt in manner that was sure to be the talk of the town for years to come.

Upon learning of his cousin’s death, Jabba the Hutt, a very powerful and influential crime lord on Tattoine, sent an invitation to the group of fringers to join him in his palace for a reason that is yet to be revealed…


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