MD-47 (Maintenance Droid #47) is a re-purposed R5 series astromech droid who until recently was being used by the Empire on the planet Tatooine, as part of their small army of maintenance droids within the capitol of Bestine. It’s original designation was R5-M2. It was recently captured and subsequently re-programmed by Bulk Starhauler, and is now his trusty (so far) side kick.

Brn: 1 Agi: 1 Int: 2 Cun: 2 Wil: 1 Prs: 1

Soak: 3 Wounds: 11 M/R Def: 0/0

Skills: Astrogation 3, Computers 3, Cool 2, Mechanics 2, Piloting (Space) 2

Abilties: Droid

Equipment: Arc welder (Melee; Damage 3; Crit -; Range {Engaged}; Stun Damage), built-in tool kit.


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